Coal Mining Operations

We currently operate three underground coal mining operations in Wise County, Virginia. Our mines produce coal from the Clintwood, Blair, and Dorchester coal seams. These coal seams are regarded as some of the highest quality high and mid volatile coal in the world.

We can load our coals on both the Norfolk Southern and CSX railroad. We have various coal loading facilities on the Big Sandy River in Kentucky, so we are well positioned to ship coal to customers anywhere in the world.

Our current active mines are:

Hava Brianne Mine #1

Produces coal from the Clintwood and Blair coal seams and has a yearly capacity of 700,000 tons of coal a year.

Hays Branch Mine #1

Produces coal from the Clintwood and Blair seams and can produce 700,000 tons of coal per year.

Southfork Deep Mine #1

Mines coal from the Dorchester coal seam and can produce 300,000 tons of coal a year.

Coal mine inspector checking the safety of a coal mine


At Blue Ridge Coal the safety of our employees and contractors is our number one priority!

Our safety department works with our employees to ensure that all state and federal safety laws and rules are followed at all times by everyone in the company.

Our goal is to provide our employees with the best and safest working environment in the industry.